Alienthing100 is a user on LSWC.


Alienthing made creations that got lots of comments. He was a fan of Milo the clone, a clone that did funny things in creations by Joco924. He asked Joco if he could make his own Milo series. When Joco said yes, alienthing did. Later Joco asked him to stop his Milo series. alienthing and joco got in a big fight. Users like Awesomenoa and Cedric of Chessington (AKA Figit99, IamFidgit99) took Joco's side. Joco left, then so did alienthing. A few weeks later alienthing came back and made more Milo. There were more arguments. Alienthing left again. He still comments, occasionally.

Alienthing also (once) claimed that he was 'the oracle of the world'. (But he actually is. $ee The Oracle Of The World for shome info boi)


Alienthing has had various impersonators  (stupidalienthing100, -TheLego-).

Nobody knows yet who those users were. they were Satan