Awesomenoa is a user on Creations, and part of the the club Bacon Bros.



Although he was a fairly new user, Noa is widely known on Creations. He is always believing that his creations aren't very good, and has mentioned leaving several times. He wants people to call him Noa, although Katman46 calls him Epicnoa. He came on the gallery on June 28, 2012. His first accepted creation was labeled "cool guyz". Noa posted "bad quality" creations (or creations that didn't get many comments) until he made a club which got 70 comments. They have only ever had 2 meetings, though. He does not really have a best friend on creations, although he does have many of them. Some of his closest friends are Bunniez6279, Jinju11, legogimli2000, Bluepeso, and Gtyhbqop.

Technically Noa caught the end of the The Golden Age because he joined the day before Iamfidgit99 left.

Creations StyleEdit

Noa tends to make small, random, humorous creations. He also does decals and miniseries. He likes to make creations with minifigures.


Awesomenoa has a few miniserieses that are listed below:

  • The Golden Era - A miniseries about the famed Golden Era of Creations. It is also currently unfinished.
  • The Fearsome Fivesome: End Game - A series about the end of the Fearsome Fivesome. It is currently unfinished.
  • The Secret 7 - This series is about a group of seven creators known as the Secret Seven.
  • TheDukeOfNewYork's Miniseries - A short miniseries about awesomenoa, snakes302, brickchick105, and coolness7002.


Noa has officially left LSW Creations, although he has not left the Wiki.

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