Bluepeso is a user on the LSW Creations Gallery. She

Peso's minifigure

has many friends, but some of her closest friends are Bgirlabby, Gtyhbqop, Obiwesten, TIMTEBOW123, JoshdudemanAKAjosh, and Bunniez6729.


Bluepeso joined on December 28, 2011 and posted her first creation on February 11, 2012. She did some customs and tributes, but mainly comic scenes, such as one of Anakin after he fell afoul of Pac-Man (see right.) She has been around for quite some time, and is believed to have been involved in a run-in with Thebeasttroll, but she was also continuously annoyed by the users, Wolftribe77 and Peterfazzone2 (also known as "Peso Jumper".) She is also well-known for her use of a frying pan (the famous "Peso Pan") as a weapon.
  • "The Hero With No Fear"
  • ...who ran afoul of Pac-Man. Run Anakin!

As a UserEdit

Bluepeso has fewer creations than many other users, but more comments. She often encourages people when they are down, and is known for courageously defending her friends (as well as being a critic of Anakin's attitude.)

Bluepeso has a duplicate account. She is also known as JesusIsMyRock.

Creations LinkEdit

If you would like to look at Bluepeso's creations, you can find them here.

Bluepeso is also a Wikia member. You can find her userpage here.

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