Brothers of War is a miniseries started by Cedric_Of_Chessington, which got quick attention by many users.

It is based around an average trooper in the Republic Army, and the story takes place during the Clone Wars Era. It's written in a first person view, allowing the reader to sympathize with the main character, Hero (CT-Number: 3467). One season has been finished, and the second was in progress. The series was slowly developing and was still building its characters, just before Cedric left the gallery.

  • The picture for the first season.
  • The second season's cover.
  • The 3rd season cover.


Cedric had planned on writing a 3rd season, but, as stated above, he made the decision to leave the gallery. The season would consist of Hero's commanding officer, Sting, as a young recruit, who fought the Separatists in the frontlines alongside two (anonymous) companions. The series has been discontinued.