Cam1045 is a user on the LSWC Gallery, whose account has now been erased for unknown reasons.


Cam made various miniseries (some of which he made into stop-motion movies), such as the E-Force Team. 

He once decided to go and terrorize a Private Topic (created by Cedric of Chessington), claiming that he and his friends were 'stealing' their ideas, later on, Cam got bored and left the group alone.

Some of his closest friends include, Llhlmh, Dawson1912, Clones321, and Vonness11.

However, at no point was Cam even in the ICLOLMSW.


  • Cam's account has been deleted for unknown reasons
  • Writer of the E-Force Team Miniseries and Stop-motion series
  • Founder of the MWL
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