Cedric_Of_Chessington is a highly respected mlg guy.

Rainbow Chicken Dance Man

bow down


one tim when he wuz born

he quiksk0pd nubs all day

eventually he git so gud that he join optic

he strivd fer mlg rank, climbin his way up te mlg ladder day by day

ten he join faze

tey encouraged him 2 drank lots of mtn dew and doritos

so he did

ten he join the illoominarty

he become leader of illoominarty

he started to eat kfc a lot

he started to use comic sans

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such amaze

ten he join the doge alliance where he traind under te very doge himself

he became much mlg in that time

he was such gud

so he rank up

he was 360 n0sk0pin skrubs all day

smokin weed

420blazeit m8 w/ shrek

an finally he becomed master mlg



obey m8

Creations StyleEdit

cedric was 2 cot up in mlg 2 create amongst plebs get gud m9


if u mess with cedric

u get n0sk0pd


sit down son

the end