These rules are here to make this chat a fun, enjoyable experience for everyone. If you have any questions about these rules, ask an Admin or Chat Moderator.

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For all usersEdit

  1. It is forbidden to dump bodies in the river.
  2. No foul language of any form. 
  3. You must be a Wiki contributor to go on Chat. This means you must have at least two edits to be allowed to Chat.
  4. No asterisks or anything used to imply foul language.
  5. No bullying, threatening, or teasing.
  6. Do not say something to purposely offend another user.
  7. No doing anything that will cause damage to, injury to, or destruction of the reputation of another user.
  8. No spamming. In excess of six emoticons in a row counts as spam, as does a blank post. (Shift+Enter) This INCLUDES non-consecutive posts, such as posting five emotes, being interrupted by another user, then posting several more.
  9. Anyone questioning whether or not Yossarian lives will be taken outside and shot.
  10. Religious and/or political conversations must be regulated to private messages only.
  11. Respect the Administrators and Chat Moderators.
  12. Please speak in English only so that everyone can enjoy the conversation (Other languages are allowed in PM. If used to offend any user, you will be punished).
  13. No posting any Youtube video on Chat unless approved by a Chat Mod or Admin.
  14. If anyone, while banned, makes a duplicate account and tries to get around their ban, the main account's ban will be doubled, and the duplicate account will be banned forever.

Breaking of the rules will result in:

1) a warning, and if continued,

2) being banned from chat for 24 hours.

If a user continuously breaks the rules after having been banned before, he/she will be banned until further notice.

Banning (Copied From LMBW)Edit

The following charts lists a number of warnings or kicks for certain offenses before banning an offending user, as well as a suggested time to ban the user for. There are different contingencies in which these may be modified; it's up to the CM or Admin in question. If the user is banned repeatedly for the same thing, the ban times should be longer.

Offence Warns Kicks Ban Time
Spamming 2 1 1 day
Censoring Words 1 1 3 days
Bad Language (not swearing) 1 2 1 week
Refusing to Obey Reasonable Requests From Moderators 2-3 1 2 weeks
Asking Other Users for Sensitive Personal Info 1 1 1 month
Linking to Inappropriate Places 1 - 1 month
Personal Attack - 1 2 weeks - 6 months
Posting inappropriate content 1 1 1 week - 1 month (depending on severity)
Swearing - - 2 weeks - 2 months (depending on severity)
Giving out Other Users' Sensitive Personal Info - - 2 weeks

Chat Mods/AdminsEdit

  1. Don't ban someone for no reason. Even if it's your really really best friend and you're just fooling around. Don't do it.
  2. It is up to you to enforce the rules. Do not be lenient to certain users just because they're your friend.
  3. Do not give others chat mod status without all the chat mods/admins agreeing. Same with taking away status, don't do it.

Please keep in mind that if a Chat Mod or Admin sees that you are violating the rules in a major way, (swearing, attacking another user, et cetera) they can ban you without prior warning. Please consult another Admin if you feel you have been wrongly punished.

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