Crystal club

Crystal Club poster made by MLU.

MLU introduced her club, Crystal Club, July 8, 2012. She had a competition between GalaxyFox39 and another user and the user won and he became her Vice President.


Lots of people joined it including, jhonny9951, MasterTano224, ACETHEAWESOME, DarthRevan6112, GalaxyFox39, FancyLovegirl10, Ackar_Glatorian, EarthNinja5000, brickchick105, EliteClone1390, PINKANDPURPLE70, legotruck9, and Dub4040. Then on November 25, 2012, she posted yet another creation called Know 2 Go (K2G), it was a questionaire to see how much her members knew about her, her characters and her club. She has a total of 3 creations about Crystal Club.

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