DalekDurge is a user on LSWC.

Creations StyleEdit

Many of DalekDurge's (or Dalek's) Creations revolve around his miniseries "The Courageous Six" which is about his character, Gard
o "Dalek" Rogun, and his team fighting battles against evil. When he first came onto the site he made many Photoshopped pictures, and also made some comics as well.


DalekDurge has made a few miniseries, including:

What If? - A series made with the site's comic builder, following an alternate turn of events in which C-3PO and R2-D2 are never captured by the Jawas in Episode IV. Incomplete.

Doctor Who Vs Star Wars - A crossover comic series between Star Wars and Doctor Who, set during the Battle of Endor. Incomplete.

The Courageous Six - A miniseries featuring Gardo "Dalek" Rogun and his team fighting against evil. Incomplete. This miniseries has five episodes, each several parts long.

If you would like to have a look at DalekDurge's creations, they can be found here: [1]

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