Staraxe delena

Delena Staraxe Shay'll. Photo by MLU2143.

Delena Staraxe was a Jedi Padawan at the near ending of the Clone Wars. She later became a Jedi Knight and became close friends with Jalana Quatrix.

Earlier DaysEdit

Before a Jedi, Delena was a Sith Apprentice, she had a child with a Sith and the child was taken by Staraxe's family. She finally was led to the Light side of the Force and her child was given back to her. Under much convincing, Delena was taken in to be trained as a Jedi despite her being much older than the regulations. Though having to keep her now five-year old daughter, Mara, a secret from the Jedi Council. She managed to escape the Jedi Temple with her own Youngling.

As a Jedi KnightEdit

She eventually became a Jedi Knight and trained her own daughter as a Jedi. She found Jaylin Marcee and decided to train her as a Jedi also. Delena eventually married and had other children. Delena always worried about her eldest because, despite her having the training of a Jedi, she had Force powers of the Sith.