Duplicate accounts are multiple accounts held by the same person. Occasionally the subject of controversy, they are started by users for various reasons.

Reasons for Having Duplicate AccountsEdit

Sometimes, users may dislike their original username, or prefer a different username on a different gallery.

Some users may change accounts after being bullied in order to avoid future bullying, such as Cedric_Of_Chessington. His was an anomalous case, as it involved the infamous Thebeasttroll, who was being extremely rude to him. But it is known that Cedric changed accounts because he was not able to see his comments, nor Creations. 

Thebeasttroll created multiple accounts, possibly up to twenty. His accounts have all been deleted. Some of these are as follows:

"thebeasttroll," "IAmFidgitPP," "TBT," "areallyreallyniceguy," "TBT_1," "thebeastowl," "Death-To-Motion-Master"

Occasionally, a user may create a duplicate account when their original account is not working, as when Awesomenoa used the account NoaNoaNoaNoaNoa when his account didn't work. Also Kingjulian13 has many which are commonly refered to as "Kingjulian13's minions".

JediRogue and EmperorGalvinian created the accounts "SirChaelofCameria", and "Puffin-Master", respectively, in order to craft personas and "go incognito" as ErinKenobi put it. Ironically, both personas fell apart on the same HQ on the messageboards; the "Knights of the Prince HQ".

Sometimes, however, there are more innocuous reasons, such as EmperorGalvinian's creation of NORTHERN_FOX to speed up miniseries creation.

Dalein, with "Jaceonasi", and 0996tomph, with "feelthelego", both tried to spread their creations under a new name to increase the amount of users seeing their creations.

TridentLegend is also know to have possessed more than one account. His account names where LuBob, -LuBob-, LuBob-1, ZaneZX535, ZaneZX353 and TridentLegend.

Controversy Over Multiple AccountsEdit

Some users prefer creators to have only a single account so that they are readily identifiable. Also, the possiblity of multiple accounts may cause issues, such as when an impostor impersonates a well-known user (as in the case of superseaturtle1, an impostor impersonating Superseaturtle, and poptartfan, who impersonated Imabadger (Iamthebadger or BronYAur).)

Some Users with Duplicate AccountsEdit

Bluepeso, also known as "JesusIsMyRock."

Galaxyfox39, also known as "TaurielofMirkwood" (especially on the Lord of the Rings gallery.)

Brenkenobi, also known as "RenegadeMandalorian."

EmperorGalvinian, also known as "NORTHERN_FOX" or "Puffin_Master"

0996tomph, also known as "feelthelego"

JediRogue, also known as "SirChaelofCameria"

fidgit99, as "IAmFidgit99" or "Cedric_Of_Chessington"

Dalein, also known as "Jaceonasi"

Kingjulian13, with all of Kingjulian13's minions.

Misslegouniverse2143, also known as "Jalana Quatrix" or "Luvsprcturtle"

Bgirlabby, also known as "MaraJadeCatLover" or "Gondor_Girl"

Gtyhbqop, also known as "----G----", "My_Name_Is_G" or "The-Real-G"

Awesomenoa Also known as Rhinohorn77

Goldbreaker, also known as "FrodoLovesBacon"]]

TridentLegend also known as "jesusfreak2134"

Starwars2625 (Rith) also known as "Undercover_Hunter"

Mod Reaction:

It is against the rules of to have a duplicate account, and the Mods are quick to warn users if they are ever asked about duplicates. There is a risk of your duplicate account being deleted.

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