EF 002

EmperorGalvinian's version of Enchiridion Force.

Enchiridion Force (En-ki-rid-i-on For-ce) was a group created by yakobay on March 24, 2012. Its members were yakobay (or Demingo), EmperorGalvinian (or Meas Aj Edi), RepComCustoms (or Mij Goore), ARC2197 (or Slisko), CT4445, and JaykoII (or Jayko the II).


Enchiridion Force was created by yakobay at his 100th creation, EmperorGalvinian suggested naming it "Enchiridion Force".

The name seemed suitable, so yakobay made a creation to announce the new group, membership by invitation only. JaykoII, ARC2197, and CT4445 were invited.

Soon after they joined, there was confusion about clegokids' announced membership, as ARC2197 had told him he could be in a group he had created. It was soon settled.

The first miniseries for the group, written by yakobay, stretched five parts before being passed to RepComCustoms. His part was later withdrawn, so the torch was passed to EmperorGalvinian, who wrote three parts for the series. However, he abandoned his section. ARC2197 wrote a miniseries concurrent with EmperorGalvinian's, which he completed.

Enchiridion Force is no longer an active group.


-"Enchiridion" means manual, as in instructions manual.