Glitches are quite common on the Lego Star Wars Creations Gallery. Here are a few of the most notorious:

The "No Comments" Glitch, Version OneEdit

This was a glitch that plagued the gallery during the Golden Age. A creation that had comments would appear as if it did not for a day or so. It was quite upsetting, many of the users believing that their comments had been deleted. They would reappear after several days.

This glitch rarely happens anymore, but is not unheard of.

The "Red Crab" GlitchEdit

The "Red Crab" Glitch was safely one of the most upsetting glitches on the Gallery. For about two weeks, many of the main images on creations would be replaced by a simplistic LDD design. Some of these included the red crab, the blue house, the Pac-Man ghost, and the yellow submarine. Many users believe that the site had been hacked, but Miakittymoon refuted the idea, saying that it was simply something the tech teams were working on. After some time, the gallery returned to normal.

The "No Comments" Glitch, Version TwoEdit

There is another type of "No Comments" glitch on creations, also. When  a user goes to their comments page, they may recieve the message, "You have no comments yet." This glitch sometimes frightens new users, but most times it will be back to normal the next time you pull up the site.

However; Kingjulian13, stated that this problem lasted for a week. It was during this time Kingjulian13's minions were created.

The "No Creations" GlitchEdit

This glitch is strkingly similar to the "No Comments" Glitch, V2, except it occurs on the My Creations page. The site will say that you have no creations uploaded. It is resolved the same as No Comments V2.

However, Superseaturtle has stated that she has had the glitch for six months. When she went to the Mods, they simply said that they would see what they could do. Starwars2625 also had it for about the same amount of time  and could not make any new any creations until it was resolved.

Moderator ReactionEdit

New and old users alike ask for assistance from the mods when they receive a glitch, however it is usually out of the hands of everyone except the tech team.

The moderators respond to most requests for help with something along the lines of:

"We're sorry you're encountering trouble, [username here]. This glitch has been happening a lot, and our techies are working as fast as possible to get it fixed. Thanks for contacting us!"

Normally, the glitches will be resolved soon afterwards.