Hevy-Hardcase is a user on LSWC.
He is known for his many miniseries (for example, Log 18), custom clones, and custom weapons. He has also created a few stopmotions and is good friends with the users, BgirlabbySuperseaturtleGalaxyfox39, Agenti397 and Vonness11.


  • Log 18 Cover Photo
  • HH's clone trooper, Omelet.
  • HH's "sig fig".
H-H (as his friends call him) joined on December 4th, 2011, his first Creation introducing the famed character, Hiccup, who has made appearances in several of his later Creations. 

There were a number of clubs that HH was involved in, such as, the PKotG (by starwarsrocks2012), Mando Tech (by AF-CUSTOMS), Vermintech (by Waros32) and the ICLOLMSW (by EmperorGalvinian).

He is real life friends with the two users Galaxyfox39 and Motion-Master. 

HH had been in the ICLOLMSW since it's origins, and, when it was closed, it caused an uproar. 

"HEY! YOU CANNOT DO THIS! I'm sorry Galv, but those are not good enough reasons, you CAN end the club due to the fact that you cannot respond to the comments, you CAN end this awesome thing YOU started. But if your ending it, you either give this club to someone who can run it, or throw the idea out so that other people can make one. You had an idea Galv, that inspired everyone, and your telling me that your throwing it away and no one else can have it?!? I WILL NOT stand for this." -HH, after the writer's club was shut down

In early October 2013, HH revealed that he would be leaving on December 4th, 2013, his second year anniversary of being on the gallery. He gives this reason for his departure, "Well I'm not a huge fan of the new website. And since they took the app down it's been hard to comment. School is getting harder. And I think people have pretty much forgotten me anyway:P In the end... It's not like what imagined.... Anyway, I feel that my candle is burnt out now. And I have to say, I have given up SW. Shocker isn't it? 15 years of my life I devoted myself to learning and memorizing Star Wars. And now I finally stopped." He promised a "surprise" before he leaves.

However, on November 27, HH announced he would not be leaving because of influence from Legochip333.


  • He has three friends on the gallery that he knows in real life.
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