Hunt for the Assassin was the first miniseries the user Cedric_of_Chessington had written; he was inspired by members of the ICLOLMSW (such as Agenti397 and EmperorGalvinian) to do so.


The series started out with the attempted assassination of Chancellor Palpatine, who only took a few severe injuries. After that, everything went into lockdown, and troopers were sent out immediately to search the building for any sign of an assassin. 

Jet, being the main character, began his hunt inside the ventilation shafts, eventually coming face-to-face with the villain. A charge had been set, and Jet decided it was best to turn back and alert everyone of the explosives. But it was too late, and the building exploded. Jet and his commanding officer Franklin were able to get the Chancellor out with the help of a mysterious boy named Yakobay. Although, the assassin got away.

Later on, a new villain was introduced as Chainley Front. He partnered with the original bad-guy (who was mentioned as Grong Tel in a special 'Episode 0' of the series), but they didn't really get along.

The old Jedi master 'Agenti' (in honor of the user), Yakobay's father, offered to support the team along with his nephew SWL (another user on the gallery). Together they defeated a monstrosity named Borix that had been terrorizing surrounding villages for months. 

When a large household was attacked by the two villains and their band of droids, the story introduced a couple of new characters. An intelligent, protective robot called SM and a young girl (whose family was murdered) named Julia. 

During the battle that took place in the household, Franklin was stabbed and killed ruthlessly by an assassin droid. 

Soon, after Chainley Front and Grong Tel got into an argument, Chainley shot his partner dead in the middle of a pub and left his smoking carcass to rot.

Finally, a showdown began between the troopers of the Republic and a vicious band of bounty hunters. It was fought valiantly on both sides, until Order 66 commenced. Jet denied the order and helped Agenti escape before the building was suddenly blown into bits. 

Chainley Front fled into a cruiser, but the team wasn't about to let him go. They boarded the ship and took him out quickly.

Though, somehow, the Dark Side tempted Jet, and he turned sides, diving off the roof of the ship and almost killing himself.

Lord Vader found him lying helpless and took him under his wing. Midi-chlorians were injected into Jet's blood system, and it was then when he became Volrox Thrash, Sith Apprentice.