Imabadger (aka Iamthebadger, or BronYAur) is a female user on the Lego Star Wars Creations gallery. She is a member of the Fearsome Fivesome.


Badger came on the Lego Star Wars Creations gallery in its very early days. She became friends with Samdudeman120, Superseaturtle, and Animationwiz. The four of them formed The Fearsome Foursome. As time went on, the Foursome became the Fivesome. Badger felt that their was a rift forming inside the group due to popularity. Eventually, despite her friends' pleas, she deleted her account.

A few months later, she came back as Iamthebadger to ward off an imposter named 'poptartfan'. She pleaded with superseaturtle not to remove her from the Fivesome, claiming that she just wanted things back the way they were. Her second account was short-lived, lasting for only a few months.
The five

The Fearsome Five. Drawing by BronYaur.

Brenkenobi created a campaign called "Bring Back the Badger", which lost steam after the BronYAur account was created. It no longer existed when she left again.

More recently, she returned as BronYAur, hoping to "gain back" the friends and fame she had "lost" in her absence. She believed that her creations were not good, claiming that she had "lost the touch" she once had, though other users denied it.

She disappeared, leaving her miniseries unfinished, however returned on December 30, 2012.

Duplicate AccountsEdit

Badger has had several accounts. The first was Imabadger, which was deleted. The second was Iamthebadger, which was short lived but also deleted. She also made an account named superseaturtle1, claiming to be Superseaturtle's biggest fan. Her latest account, BronYAur, is the one she currently uses. She prefers to be referred to as "Bron" instead of "Badger". This brought about a good deal of controversy, as a user named "klintrin10" said he would ban her for having duplicate accounts.

Miniseries WorksEdit

Badger, as she is called by friends, has worked on one miniseries titled Fearsome Fivesome: Legacy. The story is about a mission involving what seems to be a ghost ship and focuses more on dialouge and character interaction than on action. This series was continued upon her return.


On the subject of her usernames, Badger has stated that Iamthebadger is from the Beatles song "I Am The Walrus", and that BronYAur means "hills of gold" in Welsh.