Inactivity plagues the LSW Creations page. Many users simply lose interest in LEGO or the site.


Inactivity is when a user does not access the LSW Gallery for a prolonged period of time. Sometimes campaigns are made to bring back a user, though this does not always work. Often inactivity brings grief to close friends of the inactive user. Many times, a user leaving or going inactive will start a chainreaction, with other users claiming that they will also leave if the user does not return.

Notable InactivitiesEdit

  1. samdudeman120 was inactive for nine months, causing a great deal of grief.
  2. 0996tomph and sunofshadow5879, both members of The Swords Of Valor, went inactive and remain so.
  3. One of the more popular users on the gallery, misterbun3546, along with his rival, HDisCool, went inactive.
  4. BronYAur went inactive three times, and is now semi-active.