Jinju11 is a user on LSWC. He started out as a regular user posting the stuff he wanted 

by the name of Starman8172,  but until he started the Fearsome Fivesome mini-series he started to become "popular". 

Then from a regulary basis people expected him to continuing the series, but it got too busy and problematic 

for him. He then deleted his account and came back without anyone knowing, as Jinju11.

Then the plague for Jinju continues on and still does today, and everyone found out it was actually him,

again he left and came back as -SilvercoatCrusader-. Many times he left, but everytime people found out it was

him. He deleted that account and came back again as optimus-prime27. He enjoyed his other accounts as much

as the next guy, but he wanted to delete some and the others had comment and creation errors.

He is the writer of a Miniseries called "The Fearsome Fivesome."

One of his the brother's is Cedric_Of_Chessington

Some of his closest friends are Brickchick105, Bunniez6729, Awesomenoa, and Legolightning10.

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