"Stand strong and never give up," - Kevans3866

Kevans is a great creator and is known mostly for his great stop-motions and animtions. Kevans currently has 150 creations on the LSWC site.

In the BeginningEdit

Kevans posted his first creation on
June 9th, 2011 which was titled, "Run For Your Life!"

"Run For Your Life!" Posted on June 9th, 2011. Photo by Kevans3866.

He posted comic themed creations.

More Recent Times...Edit

A quite good and more recent creation of Kevans, "Buster Bowdrie". He made a tribute to Superseaturtle called, "Turtle Rocks!!!"  He also made a creation about who was the most popular user on LSWC called, "It's Time to Vote Peoples!", posted November 29, 2012. People got outraged about the matter and Kevans apologized. On December 8, 2012, Kevans made a stop-motion for a contest Clones321, or Jace, made called "Clones321 Stopmotion Contest". He made all the music and soundeffects on an app called GarageBand.


He has made a miniseries called "Hunted: Rising", in which ErinKenobi2893 had a cameo. It is not clear whether or not he has continued this miniseries.

"Hunted: Rising" Picture by Kevans3866.

Kevans has also made a miniseries called "The Stupendous Seven", which features Lloyd10, Skoudis, Awesomenoa, Animator2012, Crixk, Brenkenobi, Legogimli2000, andAlfonsostuperini2.