This is the third Duplicate Account of Misslegouniverse2143's.


MLU created the account to test a theory she had. It was if she'd get more comments on her first creation as Luvsprcturtle vs. her regular account, MLU. And sure enough, she got 28 comments as Luvsprcturtle vs. MLU that had only 10.

Luvsprcturtle's first creation, "Superseaturtle", posted on Novemebr 28th, 2012.

As a UserEdit

MLU became friends with Legodude4805 and Superseaturtle with the account Luvsprcturtle. She posted a second creation called "Guess who i no IRL?" posted on November 30, 2012, telling people she was related to MLU and Brenkenobi. She made them guess until finally she told them she was MLU.

MLU hasn't been on LSWC with the username Luvsprcturtle ever since the situation settled.

Luvsprcturtle's second creation posted on November 30th, 2012.