Misterbun3546 is a user on the LSWC Gallery with an immense amount of popularity. Some of his clos
est friends include, Superseaturtle, Devyno100, Benjoseph7, Masterflavio, Benchpress1, and many others.


Misterbun was the first user on the gallery to ever reach 400 Creations, and was a

  • Club picture.
  • An LDD Creation made by Misterbun.
  • An animated version of himself.
fan of customs, LDD, stopmotion, and decals. He also started a club named after himself, Misterbun3546 Club.

He once teamed up with PTGLego and they offered to make animated versions of any user who requested so.                                            

Jpt23 held a 'battle' between HDisCool and Misterbun in August 6th, 2011, over the customization of LEGO Clone Troopers. 

He has switched accounts and you can now find him under the user CT-3546Customs, though he has gone quite inactive since he posted a Creation titled 'Announcement', giving a message about how has gone a 'little out of control', and Misterbun can now be found on Flickr. 


  • Misterbun was a famous user on the Gallery
  • He was the first to have 400 Creations
  • Takes interest in stopmotions, customs and decals
  • Exhanged accounts and is now found under the name 'CT-3546Customs'
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