Moderators are LEGO employees who screen each creation and comment.

They often get on users nerves, as they often inadvertently change paragraph structure (mostly when they edit creations). They are also known to break up arguments, delete the accounts of impersonators, and delete copied creations. They have also (very recently) been more strict than usual and reject creations due to violence (albeit allowing this before). Many users have objected (some even left) because of this.

Some examples are miakittymoon, WhiteAlligator, Mojo_Sansibar, Keighlian, Aguarios, cocedeville, stevensbike, IrrationalSeagull and wildbunchz.

Reactions to the LSW Creations Wiki Edit

The Moderators do not usually except comments inviting people to this Wiki (or even talking about it) because they claim that some of the content is not appropriate and/or 'unacceptable' for children -13.