Obiwesten is a creator on the Lego Star Wars Gallery. She is known for her stopmotions. She is the younger sister of Superseaturtle.


Superseaturtle and Obiwesten used to share an account, but as time went on, Obi wanted her own. She created the account Obiwesten, mainly focusing on stopmotions.

She is good friends with Bluepeso, though she only comments about once every week, due to her very hectic schedule, but hopes to come on more.

Obi made a stopmotion trailer for "Fearsome Fivesome: Origin", which eventually became one of the most popular creations ever on



Obiwesten's Minifigure

Her username is combination of two characters: Obi-Wan Kenobi, from Star Wars, and Michael Weston from the USA program "Burn Notice".

It is often mistyped as "ObiWestern".

Creations StyleEdit

As stated before, Obiwesten mainly sticks to stopmotion, but will occasionally post a picture. She has recently began an endeavor to animate Superseaturtle's miniseries, "The Fearsome Fivesome: Origin."


  • Obiwesten has stated that she and Superseaturtle look almost nothing alike.
  • She often signs her posts "The Meatball," or some variation of it such as, "The Meatball Under The Couch" 
    A spicy meatball

    A Spicy Meatball under the couch. By MLU.

    or, "The Spicy Meatball."
  • She has a superfan, called "themeatballbiggestfan."
  • Her favorite cereal is Special K Fruit and Yogurt.