Operative X is going to be made into an assassin who leaves his/her mark with a large X painted red grafiti paint or blood. X the assassin is played by two people (like the user X) and is played by a male and female who are siblings.


"He abbandoned us, Cor ?" 

"He'd never leave us. You know that."      

- Cor and Jaylara discussing the disappearance of their uncle and instructor, Zey Kazana.                                                                                                                  

Jaylara Xin plays the female role of X and Cor Arlach plays the male role of X. They were both taken in by a defense instructor named Zey Kazana, teaching them in hand-to-hand combat, sniping, knives/vibroblades, spears, lightsabers/darksabers, double-edged lightsabers, the use of a blaster, survival in different climates, and surviving interogation.  One day he said he had to go to an important meeting, but he never came back. There were rumors that the Imperials had killed him. Jaylara and Cor saw the corruption of the entire galaxy and decided to go rouge and try to overthrow both the Imperials and the Rebelion. They were both fifteen when they decided to go by the name of Operative X. Cor suggested that they have code names so he became X1 and Jaylara was X2. The first mission that was performed by X1 when he was visiting the planet of Kashyyyk when a four Rebel pilots and a squad of stormtroopers came and ambushed each other. X1 decided to "take care of them". He went to the control room, killed the security guard with a surprise melee attack, then disconnected the camera, attacked and killed the men, and left his mark with blood from his vibroblade. X1 and X2 became well known on the streets because the two would take turns stopping muggers, rapists, and pick-pockets, but their identities were still unknown to the public. After the attack by X1 on Kashyyyk, both the Rebelion and the Empire thought Operative X was a threat, but still didn't know Operative X was played by two different people. X1 and X2 made their livings off of doing small jobs with the name X.