Rebellions are attempted upheavals of the hierarchy of Creations. Many users have condemned this, saying that the site should focus on Star Wars, not popularity.

First RebellionEdit

The first known rebellion was led by a user named alfonsostuperini2. It was thankfully an isolated event.

Alfonsostuperini2 deleted his rebellious creations since, and has become an honorable user.

The Rebellious Spirit SpreadEdit

The rebellion was spread by other users, however. These people attempted to show less popular users that the popular users needed to be 'overthrown'.

Another major rebellion was led by luggage2, who tried to replace The Fearsome Fivesome. His intentions were fine but the general atmosphere was not, as users interpereted it as an upheaval.

Bgirlabby and "Order 66"Edit

"So, there's going to be a big rebellion and all the non-famous creators that don't get noticed will rebel against all the big famous stuck-up creators like Turtle and I'm not saying you're stuck-up but you probably won't be a part of it because you're way famous and I'm not but anyway now I need to find people to become a part of the rebellion."

-Bgirlabby, to Bluepeso about "Order 66"

Order 66, as its founder, Bgirlabby, called it, was probably the biggest rebellion to hit Creations. The frightening thing about the rebellion was that Bgirlabby was thought of as one of Superseaturtle's close friends. A number of users added to the confusion with paranoia, such as legochip333.

Order 66 was ended by its founder.