The miniseries 'Renegade Vs. The Five', was created by Misslegouniverse2143. She was inspired when her older brother, Brenkenobi, was having an arguement with his friend, Superseaturtle.

Renegade Vs. The Five
Author Misslegouniverse2143
Publication date 10-2-12 to N/A (ongoing)
Publication Order
Preceded by
N/A (first miniseries)
Followed by
N/A (no announced plans)

She thought that since the two were arguing, the rest of the Five would gang up on her brother, so she decided to make the miniseries. She has her own character, Jalana Quatrix, her brother's character Josin Quatrix, who's Jalana's younger brother, her brother's other character Jerek "Renegade" Shay'll, and The Fearsome Fivesome.  She has yet to continue the miniseries.