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Rex_Cody297 is a user on LSWC. He shares his account with his
Rex Cody297
younger brother. He is also a member of Kingjulian13's 582nd Club. He founded a club called RBC, a.k.a Rancor Battalion Club.


His first Creation was posted on March 11, 2012. His 50th creation was posted on December 20, 2012.
Rex Cody

Rex_Cody's minifigure likeness, The Commander

He posted a miniseries  called "The Log of 88".

On his creation, 'Announcements', he said, #1 Battle of Ruins is coming soon, #2, Three slots in RBC were left, #3, his miniseries, "The Log of 88", would be discontinued, #4, he said he wanted to start a weapons club like Vermintech, called Republic Weapon Industries, and lastly #5, Order 66 would be coming soon.

After his 50th Creation he slowly grew inactive. So on Feb 10th, 2013, he said he was leaving the gallery.