Starwarsrocks2012 is a user on the Lego Star Wars Creations gallery. He is known for his miniseries, "Survival"
and "#1's Journey".


Rocks, as he is called by his friends, has been around the gallery for quite some time. He was steadily active for a while, posting part after part of Survival, his first miniseries. Once he ended it, he started #1's Journey. Since then, he has gone inactive, only to return, and then go inactive again.


Starwarsrocks2012 was constantly teasing Superseaturtle, calling her annoying nicknames like "Turts" and "Dixie" (something JediRogue had called her once due to her accent). Turtle then retaliated by calling him Roxie, and the game continued. So far, he has been called SWR (disliked), Rocks (preffered), Roxie (despised), Rocky (disliked), and Rockstar (despised).

As A UserEdit

Rocks is a very talented writer, but became discouraged when he felt that his second series wasn't very successful.

He is also known for his good-natured cockiness.

Rocks has the exact same birthday as EmperorGalvinian.