Swthecw is a shared account between three siblings. This article is about The General, the oldest and most active of the siblings.


The General joined a while back. Her best known Creations are her adventerous "366 Days Of Star Wars" that she started in 2012. About halfway through, she stopped posting them, but said she was still taking the pics. She said she was too lazy to upload them all.

Recently, she has slowed down her posting and commenting quite a bit, going inactive at times.


The General's Minifigure

Creations StyleEdit

The General is known for her random, humerous Creations. She makes custom figures and ships, also. She has many loveable characters, like R.U.G. (Random Unknown Guy), Audax, Chocolate Chip the battle droid, and Nameless the clone.

As A UserEdit

The General is known to be a constant source of optimism. From the numerous water balloon  fights she has intiated to the "Easter hugs" she is fond of, she is always trying to encourage other users. JediRogue likes to tease her quite alot. She is known to be good friends with him, Superseaturtle, Galaxyfox39, Brenkenobi, and several other users.

The General speaks some degree of Latin, as indicated by the names of many of her characters.