The Autograph Campaign is a movement started by JediRogue to remember Samdudeman120.
  • JediRogue's Autograph. This was the first of many autos
  • Jtho123's Autograph to Sam
  • Legostarwarsfan3421's Autograph
  • Caleboooo's Autograph
  • Superseaturtle's Autograph
  • Lemmingthesith's Autograph
  • The General's (swthecw) Autograph
  • RepComCustoms' Autograph

The ReasonEdit

"Unite to bring a memento to be unforgotten! Anyone who knew Sam, who knew his generosity, or knew his kindness: give him the honor of your autograph. Let us not forget this special creator... for as long as we ourselves create!"-JediRogue, Remembering Sam

Samdudeman120 had been gone for about a month when JediRogue decided to start a movement to honor him.

His inspiration came from a comment by Sam:

"I wish I had all of y'all's autographs!"

JediRogue started with his autograph, and encouraged other users to do the same.

The AutographsEdit

  1. The first autograph came from JediRogue. His autograph reads, "A friend since the beginning is a friend forever... JediRogue."
  2. The second one came from a user named lemmingthesith. Though he claims he didn't know Sam, he still made an autograph for him. It reads, "May the Dark Side be with you ~ Lemmingthesith"
  3. RepComCustoms also made one.  His reads, "Nu kyr'adyc, shi Taab'echaaj'la. Not gone, merely marching far away." It is a Mandalorian phrase used to refer to people that have gone or passed away.
  4. The next one came from Yakobay, along with a message that "this better not be a cruel joke Sam set up".  It reads, "Good Bye Sam. You were and still are great Lego creator. Yakobay"
  5. Cedric of Chessington (AKA Fidgit99, IamFidgit99) made a salute to Sam and tagged it as an autograph, but did not include an actual autograph.
  6. The next autograph was from Superseaturtle. When JediRogue asked her to do it, she was unsure if she could, but she did it eventually. Hers reads, "If you never come back, missing you forever. Turtle (your forever friend)"
  7. Swthecw (The General) made an autograph from her clone, Nameless. Nameless's autograph reads, "Please come back, Sam! Turtle is my favorite and I hate her being sad! - Nameless."
  8. AJRAWLEY5700 made an autorgraph, as well. His says, "Sam, I'm so sorry for what happened. :( -AJ57theLegoManiac!!!!!"
  9. The tenth autograph came from caleboooo. It reads, "bye, sam. please come back!!, caleboooo"
  10. Jtho123 made an autograph for Sam, along with 3D figures of some of Sam's LDD models. His simply says, "Jtho123".
  11. The final autograph came from legostarwarsfan4321. It was made with  LDD bricks. It reads, "For Sam".


The Autograph Program saw one of the largest outpourings of support ever shown on Despite the fact that Samdudeman120 was absent for nine months, he was not forgotten. He claimed that it moved him quite a lot to see all the people who missed him while he was absent.

It also caused the "Sam Memorial Battle Contest", which was short-lived.