Renegade squad insignia

Renegade Squad Insignia

The Elite was formed on November 2, 2012 by Brenkenobi as a backup for the Fearsome Fivesome. It instantly proved popular with many users, especially fans of the Fivesome.


On November 2, 2012, Brenkenobi posted a creation announcing his intention of starting a club, and invited people to join it. Many people immediately expressed interest in joining, and Superseaturtle gave the project a go-ahead, with her blessing. Eight smaller groups, called squads, were formed, and the Elite was born.

For a while, the Elite had no real name. Members and founder alike referred to it as "CWANY" (Club Without  A Name Yet), or simply the Helper Squads. Although, originally the founder wanted the name to be "The Elite Guard"

But this second portion of this name proved to be too long for a miniseries.


The Elite is broken up into eight groups, or squads, each led by a team leader, and containing four or five members. The Squads in the Elite are as follows:

Alpha squad, led by Galaxyfox39
Beta Squad, led by ErinKenobi
Cato Squad, led by Clones321
Echo Squad, led by Cedric of Chessington (AKA Figit99, IamFidgit99)
Lato Squad, led by Swthecw (The General)
Morc Squad, led by Pilup105
Tera Squad, led by Kevans3866
Renegade Squad, led by Brenkenobi

All the team leaders are members of Renegade Squad, and operate under Brenkenobi. Renegade Squad is the focus of  "The Elite: The First Mission," a miniseries written by BrenkenobiErinKenobi also is currently writing a miniseries about Beta Squad, called "Stand United."