The Fearsome Fivesome: Finest Hour
Author Superseaturtle
Publication date 9-27-12 to N/A (ongoing)
Publication Order
Preceded by
Fearsome Fivesome: Origin
Followed by
Fearsome Fivesome: The Breaking (planned)

The Fearsome Fivesome: Finest Hour is Superseaturtle's third miniseries, and the second in a series of Fearsome Fivesome miniseries. It is representative of the Gallery's Golden Age, and set after Episode VI.


So far, the series has had two main story arcs.

The first was about The Fivesome's attempt to destroy a droid factory on the snow planet of Rhen Var. There was a guest appearance by JediRogue's character, Shav Renalt, and a new villian simply called the Force-Droid.

The second was a larger scale arc, consisting of a threat to the planet Naboo with a disease of some sort. Upon arriving, the Fivesome found that the planet was already occupied bt the Empire. It featured EmperorGalvinian's character, Meas Aj Edi, Oku Finn's character going by his same name, and his Padawan, Ally Ferra.


The Fearsome Fivesome: Finest Hour has been accepted very positively in the LSW Gallery community. It has recieved many comments and has a large number of fans.