The Golden Age is another name for the Golden Era, a somewhat legendary time on the gallery.

It lasted from April 28th, 2011, when the first creation was posted by the user Clone3411, to April 25th, 2012, when Samdudeman120 officially left.


The Golden Age began when the new gallery began. It was a time of high quality creations.

Many of the "original creators", such as Samdudeman120, Superseaturtle, Imabadger (Iamthebadger or BronYAur), AnimationWiz, Waros32, Steelaw, Misterbun3546 , and HDisCool, started out in the early Golden Age.

The Golden Age was characterized by excellent quality, low spamming, and no races to have the most Creations.

A few users, such as Kingjulian13, JediRogue, and EMPORER GELVINAINAINAIANAIN, caught the end of the Golden Age, and are hence remembered as such.

Few users that experienced the Golden Age are still active.


Many users today look back on the Golden Age as the best time on the gallery. A common lament among Creators is "if only I had joined earlier".

There have been several attempts made to "revive" the Golden Age (such as JediRogue's "Platinum Era"), or at least something of that type, but none have been successful thus far.

There is much hope that with the return of The Fearsome Fivesome, a new era will rise up, but the general consensus is that the gallery is in a state of decline.

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