The picture that began it all.


The Great Water Balloon War began on August 11, 2012 on Catgalaxy40's creation "Water Balloon Fight." It continued on all summer and well into the autumn and even winter of 2012.


Catgalaxy40 posted the creation just for fun, little dreaming that it would soon become a battleground. It is uncertain who threw the first water balloon, but whoever it was, they sure started something.

The battle quickly escalated into a full-blown war. Users like Brickchick105, Legodude4805Galaxyfox39, King_Elessar, ErinKenobi2893, Bluepeso, and RepComCustoms leaped into the fray. It began to become more and more competitive, with creators getting very creative (as in changing into eagles or mermaids, using water-balloon launchers, which was favorited amongst the male participants, or using the Force to create giant waves, or to make it rain.) It became one of the great events of the year, with users battling or teaming up at will.

The war began to peter off, bit by bit, as the weather grew colder. However, all the participants were left with happy memories of a fun summer. It is believed that no one ever posted in anger during the war, and it was a triumph of a happy ending. All the participants had joined in fun, and no one had actually antagonized another.

It has been conjectured that this war marked a semi-return of the famous "The Golden Age"; however, this is not very probable, though it was a good thing while it lasted.


This creation inspired Brenkenobi's "Paintball War"; however, the paintball war never was as famous or as successful as the Great Water Balloon War. There was also a great balloon war on the "Ask Fox" a creation by Galaxyfox39, which had started out as a Lord of the Rings battle, but quickly devolved into a water war. It, however, was somewhat smaller and more confined than the one on Catgalaxy's creation.

It was not the first water balloon war, either. The first one was on Superseaturtle's creation, "Jar-Jar The Conductor 3".