The Legend Of Five
Publication date 12-20-12 to N/A (ongoing)
Publication Order
Preceded by
N/A (first miniseries
Followed by
A Darkness Returning (planned)

It is one of the many Fearsome Fivesome miniseries on Lego Star Wars Creations. It is set before Star Wars: Episode IV.


The series has so far followed two seperate viewpoints. The first is that of Superseaturtle's character, Turtle. She is summoned by Mon Mothma and it is revealed that the Empire is constructing a new Death Star. She, along with AnimationWiz's character, Ani, and Imabadger's (Iamthebadger or BronYaur) character, Badger, are sent to Tatooine on a mission.

The second is that of Samdudeman120's own character, who goes by his name. He is summoned by Mon Mothama and sent on a mission to assasinate Darth Vader. He eventually has a battle with the Sith Lord. Sam said he had written in a battle with the Emperor, but the Mods rejected it so he left it out.

Sam has said that after the Legend of Five there will be two more series: A Darkness Returning and The Short Eternity.


This is Sam's first attempt at a minseries, and has been generally well recieved by the community.