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The Mentorship Program was started by Starwarsrocks2012, hoping to inspire new users.

The PlanEdit

Lack of inspiration from older users to newer users has been a big problem on the gallery, but Starwarsrocks2012 was hoping to combat the decline. Rocks began to program with a list of users he had asked to act as mentors. These users were:

All of them responded, saying that they would be willing to take on an apprentice, save JediRogue, who was semi-inactive.

Rocks then invited newbies to choose from the list which mentor they would like.


About three new users actually joined the program before it went down.

These were:

  • moderations (his username was later changed to JoshdudemanAKAjosh) as the "padawan" of Superseaturtle
  • mlp4977 as the "padawan" of Bowdrie1999
  • CloneT66 as the "padawan" of Legodude4805

The program was effectively abandonded when Rocks when temporarily inactive, but the three users that already had padawans continued to mentor their "students". Two of the users, mlp4977 and joshdudemanAKAjosh, are still active users.

Some users have mentioned bringing back the program.