The Swords Of Valor. Left to Right: sunofshadow5879, EmperorGalvinian, JediRogue, commandercody42, and superseaturtle.

The Swords of Valor was a group on Creations consisting of JediRogue, sunofshadow5879, superseaturtle, 0996tomphEmperorGalvinian, and commandercody42. Few users still remember the group.


The Swords of Valor were started by JediRogue after he read Chuck Black's Kingdoms series. At first, its constituents were Shadow and Rogue, but over time more users joined.

Rogue offered the chance for anyone to be in the Swords of Valor, however this turned out to be disastrous, as dozens of people wanted in. Due to this, EmperorGalvinian threatened to leave the group unless something was done.

Eventually, Rogue came to the decision of keeping only the original three applicants and having the rest join "The Shields of Valor". However, it had no leadership and collapsed.

Republichero1787 resisted this, and was kept in the Swords of Valor for a few weeks, but elected to leave later on.

Over time, the group drifted apart. 0996tomph seemed to be forgotten, JediRogue and Superseaturtle, easily the most popular of the group, moved on to greater things, sunofshadow5879 went inactive, commandercody42 continued posting his Swords of Valor miniseries at a much-reduced pace, and EmperorGalvinian was left trying to bring the group back together. He failed at this, and the group is no longer remembered by most of Creations.

Currently, the only active members are Superseaturtle and EmperorGalvinian. Commandercody42 and JediRogue are semi-inactive, and 0996tomph and sunofshadow5879 are inactive.