TridentLegend is a fairly popular builder with 27 creations. He has been on the gallery for at least 3 years on
different accounts.


His former account was jesusfreak2134. He joined around late 2011 and made a couple of Creations that he was well known for, such as the, "Lego Star Wars Super Star Destroyer", his pride and joy.

However, his account was given to his sister because he had used dupes to give him clicks on MLN and to give him likes on the Message Boards. He also made another account to reach Master Reader (a rank on the Message Boards).

Feeling guilty, he told everyone, deleted the account he had used to get Master Reader (ZaneZX353) and gave jesusfreak2134 to his sister.

He was gone for quite some time before returning to the gallery, and came back as TridentLegend. He now has 30 creations and is going for 40.


  • He has been on  for almost 3 years with different accounts. 
  • He posts on the Message Boards and is a very famous poster there.


Here are his top 5 of his favorite creations.

  1. Lego Star Wars Super Star Destroyer
  2. V-2 Colossus Walker
  3. Battle In The Town Square III
  4. Lego Star Wars Micro City
  5. Lego Star Wars Switch Fighter