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Tennant Rys

Creations StyleEdit

Most of Vonness's creations are comics. He has a group of characters that are reoccurring in his comics. Most of his comics revolve around Snow.

He has many stop-motions, basically also resolved around Blink and many of his other characters. He also has a miniseries called "The Awesome Nine"(or tAN for short) which has been put on hold. His main character is known as Rys "Von" Tennant. He is good friends with many users on this site. Some of his comics have similarities to those of superseaturtle, which used to include Stormtrooper Dave, originally created by superseaturtle. He stopped producing these comics after requests by superseaturtle to stop. He then replaced Dave with Vector, another stupid Stormtrooper. He has 4 stupid clone troopers that he uses in comics: Snow, Blink, 42 and Henry. His comics started with "Death Lake" which he was inspired to make after seeing jdjoker's "Death Lake" creation. After his "Clone Adventures" series which revolved around Snow, he started using a clone nicknamed Blink. After a while, he replaced Blink with a clone nicknamed 42, and eventually decided to use all three, with the addition of another called Henry.

Von left the gallery for a few months, but returned. He is, however, inactive.

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Von is also a wiki member. If you'd like to see his page, go here.