Yakobay is a customization-concentric user on Creations. He is a member of the 582nd Club
and Enchiridion Force, of which he is the founder.


Yakobay has uploaded customs from the very beginning of his time on LSW Creations. He has also had a number of miniseries, which held the unfortunate reputation of ending without conclusion.

On his 100th creation, yakobay created Enchiridion Force, a group which was largely active for a brief period of time, then unofficially ceased.

Creation StyleEdit

Yakobay has made many customs, stop-motions, and LDD creations. He is mostly noted, however, for his customs.

As A UserEdit

Yakobay is known to be friends with EmperorGalvinian, RepComCustoms, JaykoII, CT4445, ARC2197, and Kingjulian13.